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Using MariPay


All transactions can be done through your smartphone with just One TAP.


All transactions that you make through the MariPay application already provided with a high level of security so they are safe to use


Transfer your Money Directly to Indonesia Recepient

Local and Remote


MariPay provides features for Remittances, Credit Purchases, Bill Payments, and E-Commerce transactions.


MariPay is a mobile application-based on Electronic Wallet Service that will facilitate payment transactions, purchases and sending money from Malaysia to Indonesia.

MariPay is a product collaboration of PT Finnet Indonesia (a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia) in collaboration with Suis Digital as an aggregator partner and ManagePay Remittance (Mpay) for remittance services from Malaysia to Indonesia.


Get Maripay special Credit every 10 biller

Kamu taukan setiap 10 kali melakukan pembayaran apapun di Maripay, kamu dapat RM 3 emoney kredit.

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First time Remittance transaction will be FREE.

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